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Sanctions List Monitoring

Sanctions List Monitoring

Test third parties against legally binding lists of sanctioned parties

Test third parties against legally binding lists of sanctioned parties

Sanction List Monitoring

Screening third parties is difficult and time-consuming for organizations. However, the legislation is unambiguous. If a person or an organization is listed as sanctioned, you are not permitted to do business with them. But it’s difficult to keep track. There are various lists of sanctioned parties around the world and these lists can change from one day to the next.

Software solution

That’s why KPMG developed the ‘Sanctions List Monitoring’ software solution. It allows you to quickly and efficiently check available data about third parties against relevant lists of sanctioned parties.

Using this solution you can screen customers, suppliers, transactions and extraordinary events worldwide. Subsequently, real-time data is used to continue monitoring the parties you entered on an ongoing basis. If someone appears who is officially sanctioned, the company is automatically notified. Sanction List Monitoring is easy to implement, user-friendly, economical and always up-to-date with regard to international legislation and regulations.

You can start using this software after taking two simple steps: connect the software to your company’s ERP system. Next: synchronize the data with the secure cloud. Conclusions and outputs are presented on a clear and easy-to-use dashboard and communicated through automatic alerts and notifications, making the software solution accessible and user-friendly.

Sanctions List Monitoring was developed by KPMG’s forensic experts, who can assist your organization with knowledge and advice if you do encounter a party that is listed as sanctioned.

How will your organization benefit from Sanction List Monitoring?

  • Worldwide screening on all lists of sanctioned parties
  • An option to create your own blacklist and whitelist
  • Savings on labour costs
  • Accessible everywhere and always

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