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Forensic fraud investigation in large volumes of data

Forensic fraud investigation in large volumes of data

Sometimes a company is confronted with (signs of) fraud and corruption. It’s essential to investigate quickly and decisively to limit financial damage and to protect reputations. But how do you identify key information in today’s ever-increasing volume of data?

Forensic data investigation requires smart solutions that are capable of accessing and analysing both structured and unstructured data. Indica is just such a smart solution. It enables you to easily access data on computers, smartphones, Cloud services and other data sources in order to search out the most important facts and risks.

Investigating data is normally a costly and time-consuming process. Moreover, you usually need to call in outside experts to effectively deploy whatever software is available on the market. Indica is setting a new standard. It is user-friendly, affordable and enables high-speed investigation with unprecedented results.

Using Indica enables legal, risk and compliance professionals to perform early case assessments. By using metadata they can make an initial estimate of the most serious risks. This allows you to start investigations without having to involve external parties. It also avoids unnecessarily high start-up costs and establishes an efficient process.

In addition, Indica allows for further thorough-going investigations without negatively affecting user-friendliness. If outside expertise is essential, one of KPMG’s specialists can easily continue from where your preliminary investigations left off. And if you want to engage a more specialized platform, Indica provides an open link between Indica and other systems, which preserves the consistency of the data.

How will your organization benefit from Indica?

  • Affordable solution for forensic investigation of fraud and corruption
  • Independently perform an early case assessment
  • Indica was developed based on KPMG’s many years of forensic knowledge and expertise

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