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Mortgage Management

Mortgage Management

Solution for interactive analysis of loan portfolios

Solution for interactive analysis of loan portfolios

Changes in legislation and new stakeholders compel organizations to acquire better insight into their loan portfolios. What does your portfolio contain? How is it performing? What are its risks and revenues? These are questions you must be able to answer. KPMG’s Mortgage Management helps credit providers, portfolio managers and investors use the available data to acquire insight and answers.

The Mortgage Management solution consists of a module that reports on and analyses your portfolio. Users can perform their own analyses and collect information from the data. What makes this software solution unique is that it allows you to zoom in on specific segments of the portfolio even down to the level of specific individual loans.

The basic module can be expanded with additional modules. These focus on valuations, benchmarking, amortisation, IFRS 9, security and PD/LGD/Cure rate. Take for example the Valuation module. This is a calculator that also performs a valuation of the portfolio. This information is helpful for determining further analyses.

Having a variety of modules makes Mortgage Management flexible. It gives you access to the specific aspects of KPMG’s knowledge and expertise that are relevant for your organization. The platform is a standard SaaS solution. It is cloud-based and therefore scalable, works on a variety of devices and the basic module can be implemented in three days.

How will your organization benefit from Mortgage Management?

  • Gain easy and detailed insight in your loan portfolio
  • Flexibility in performing analyses and compiling reports
  • Proactive loan management thanks to ongoing monitoring of the portfolio and assessment of new loans
  • Your organization’s needs are key in setting up the solution

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