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Control all your care contracts

Control all your care contracts

Following changes to the care system in 2015, the number of contracts between care providers and municipalities has risen significantly. In addition, contracts and budget limitations are becoming more and more varied. This makes it increasingly difficult to maintain an overview and creates the risk that care which is delivered is not remunerated. Contractmonitor allows care providers to keep control over their contracts.

Contractmonitor is an online environment in which care contracts are stored systematically. It enables you to analyse them and request reports that give you insights into their characteristics. In addition, financial agreements are linked to production details.

Using dashboards, you can obtain insight into total levels of turnover, remaining budget resources and expected end-of-year exploitation. This enables you to manage budget risks more effectively and to take pre-emptive action when there is a risk of overextending or underexploiting the budget.

This solution also makes it easier for you to delegate responsibilities per contract, type of contract and contract party. Employees only have access to contracts that relate to their activities. Personalized tasks and alerts help you to meet contractual invoicing obligations on time.  

How can your organization benefit from Contractmonitor?

  • Get fast and easy insight into your care contracts
  • Always stay updated on budget exploitation
  • Only give authorised persons access to relevant contracts
  • Receive remuneration for care delivere

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