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A jump-start to a data-driven transformation

A jump-start to a data-driven transformation


Big Data is booming. Organizations have access to exponentially increasing amounts of information. This presents new opportunities and limitless possibilities. That is, following accurate analysis. Which is where KPMG Analytics and Visualization Environment (KAVE) comes in.

This open source platform is the hub in a new ‘Big Data Ecosystem’. It removes practical obstacles, enabling rapid, simple and consistent data analyses. This helps your organization take major steps forward in multiple aspects of its business operations.

As an open source big data platform, KAVE facilitates the combination and sharing of diverse data sources, both internal and external (without compromising anyone’s privacy). This generates unique insights for your organization.

KPMG’s Data & Analytics professionals help your organization to discover new pathways and to create added value. This way you extract more revenue from your data. And due to KAVE’s open source architecture, your organization is no longer dependent on IT suppliers.

KAVE is non-binding, easy to implement and developed by scientists who previously worked for CERN, the birthplace of big data analysis. In addition, KAVE complies with the highest security and privacy standards and is supported by specialist knowledge concerning appropriate legal frameworks. This puts you as an organization permanently in charge and ensures that your data does not leave your own servers.

How will your organization benefit from KAVE?

  • Simple and rapid access to internal and external sources of information
  • Deeper insights due to combination of multiple data sources
  • Independent control of your details and the instruments you deploy 
  • Learning capacity that develops along with your organization and needs
  • A jump-start to a data-driven transformation

To learn more about KAVE, request a demo or head to the official KAVE website

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