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Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory

Foster collective creativity in organizations.

Fosters collective creativity in organizations.

Innovation Factory

The organization you work for is a treasure trove of knowledge and ideas. Individual employees each represent small parts of this treasure. How can you access the total sum? KPMG’s ‘Innovation Factory’ software solution can help you. It enables you to activate the collective brainpower of your organization. Personal knowledge becomes shared knowledge that can be used to solve organizational issues, to streamline processes and to discover new opportunities.

Innovation Factory is a platform that efficiently connects people, knowledge and ideas and at the same time encourages collaboration and innovation. Organizational issues are presented as ‘idea challenges’. Inspiring and motivational assignments like these encourage people to share and elaborate ideas. It allows you to utilize collective knowledge and it increases employee engagement.

The tool creates knowledge profiles of the users. The profiles make it possible to create bespoke networks for each idea challenge. You can also invite people from outside your organization. This means you can always ensure that the right experts are involved in developing your next innovative breakthrough.

How will your organization benefit from Innovation Factory?

  • People and knowledge are efficiently connected
  • Employees are inspired and become engaged
  • Knowledge profiles display areas of expertise in the organization
  • Innovation is an ongoing topic of discussion within the organization

Sample case

Recently, KPMG co-developed a Start-up-Challenge for a large company in the chemical sector. For two months, seven challenge teams, comprised of 35 experts from the company, worked with start-ups and subject matter experts through KPMG’s platform to enrich, validate and co-develop their solutions.

After the two-month period, a jury of the companies experts, R&D leaders and prominent international experts selected the most promising solutions and start-ups to co-create and accelerate innovation.

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