The Russian economy is currently seeking to develop in quite an adverse foreign political and economic environment. Despite this, Russia has continued to undertake various measures aimed at improving its investment attractiveness.

Revision and simplification of administrative procedures have significantly increased the attractiveness of investing in Russia. As part of increasing the investment attractiveness of the Russian economy, Russia has developed a tax incentive system (both at the federal and regional level) aimed at making the investment process more effective.

In addition, various measures are currently being taken to improve infrastructure in Russia. The current difficult foreign economic and political environment has not halted this process but rather accelerated it, encouraging flexibility and proactive change, all aimed at achieving the set goals.

Russia and the CIS Desk team consists of more than ten dedicated Russian speaking professionals from audit, advisory and tax departments. All the team members have broad experience with auditing financial statements of both holding companies as well as production / sales companies. Our team has significant experience with cooperation with Trust offices, Group audits and consolidated financial statements.

All the professionals in our team have country and industry focus. Our International Business department has clients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Ukraine. We have short communication lines with KPMG offices in Russia and the CIS countries and also deep knowledge about these regions.

Our team is experienced in auditing clients from the following industries:

  • Industrial markets;
  • Energy, Power & Natural Resources;
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications;
  • Consumer Markets;
  • Financial Services.

We are able to demonstrate that we have sufficient experience with this kind of audits and that we can offer an efficient and effective audit process. Please feel free to get in touch with Richard Preitschopf.

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