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There is a long history of trade between the Japanese and the Dutch. It is why so many Japanese companies are setting up offices in the Netherlands. The specialists at KPMG’s Japanese Practice are eager to help you through every stage of your investment.

The opportunities: good logistics and a favorable fiscal climate

The Netherlands provides Japanese companies with a springboard into Europe, thanks to the excellent logistics and favorable fiscal climate. Over 270 Japanese companies are already located in the Netherlands, and many of them have their headquarters here.

Investment using market knowledge

The Netherlands is a land of opportunities. And this means that proper knowledge of the market is crucial. In addition, foreign businesses must take account of the various administrative obligations, the cultural differences and the language barrier. KPMG can help make the move to the Netherlands go smoothly. We employ various specialists in Japan who know the Dutch language, culture and market. And vice versa. We will be pleased to use our knowledge and experience to help make your investment a success.

Teams of specialist who know the field

KPMG can provide just the right support for Japanese companies that are interested in the Netherlands. We have very good relationships within Japanese circles in the Netherlands and we know the relevant Dutch parties. We will be pleased to introduce you to them.

We operate in mixed teams of Dutch and Japanese staff, who know both countries, languages and markets – specialists who have been working together closely for over 20 years. This means that we can provide you with high quality support with a combination of auditing, fiscal and consultancy services, for which we closely work together with KPMG Meijburg & Co. We specialize in the tax systems and the legislation and regulations in the two countries. 

And if even bigger opportunities present themselves for your Japanese company elsewhere in Europe? The Japanese Practice in the Netherlands is integrated into KPMG’s European network. We will be happy to give you details of our colleagues at one of the Japanese Practices elsewhere in Europe.

Get in touch with us

Would you like to set up offices in the Netherlands? Or like to explore the investment opportunities? Or are you encountering issues in your current activities in the Netherlands? KPMG will be pleased to assist you. We can also provide support for investment from the Netherlands into the Japanese market. Please contact Cees van der Helm or Arjan van Opzeeland.

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