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The Netherlands offers numerous opportunities for German businesses. Just think of the prominent international gateways, or the favorable fiscal climate. KPMG’s German Desk can support you across the border, for example by helping bridge the culture and language gaps.

The opportunities: an established trading partner, an attractive climate for setting up businesses

A large proportion of the commercial sector in the Netherlands depends on exports to Germany. There are for instance major flows of goods to and from Germany through the port of Rotterdam. Conversely, German companies are becoming more active in the Netherlands. Businesses are seeing that a branch office in the border areas is a smart move, expanding the area they can serve. And others are choosing the densely populated west of the country, for its attractive sales market and international gateways. Whatever they choose to do, they can benefit from the favorable fiscal climate wherever they are in the Netherlands. This is why so many corporations are setting up their headquarters, distribution centers and support organizations in this country.

Investment starts with an understanding of the market and the culture

At first sight, a move to the Netherlands is easy to arrange. After all, the country very much resembles Germany. But appearances can be deceptive. German companies must make allowances for subtle cultural differences, a stubborn language barrier, and different legislation and regulations. Proper preparations are therefore essential for companies that wish to start playing a role in the Dutch market.

Teams of German and Dutch culture and market specialists

KPMG is an international network of member firms that employs various auditing, taxation and consultancy specialists. The Dutch and German staff understand both economies and can highlight the differences in culture and language. They enjoy using that knowledge and experience to build bridges between Germany and the Netherlands, so that investments have a better chance of succeeding.

Dedicated to German investors in the Netherlands: the German Desk

KPMG will be pleased to give German businesses a helping hand in the Netherlands. We have set up the German Desk in the Netherlands especially for this purpose. In collaboration with the Dutch Desk in Germany, it provides specialist teams of Dutch and German consultants. Alternating between the two desks, they have a good overview that lets them zoom in on the differences in business etiquette and conduct in the two countries. In addition, they have a native speaker’s knowledge of the language. They know the local markets thoroughly, and they can help you make the right contacts. This means that KPMG can provide clients with the high quality support through an inter-disciplinary package of auditing, fiscal and consultancy services. We specialize in the local tax system and local legislation and regulation. Our clients also benefit from our extensive network – we know a large number of German players who are active on the Dutch market.

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