Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important in today's society. Organizations are expected to measure their sustainability performance and be transparent about this with customers, investors, NGOs and other stakeholders. Organizations are being asked to report on more and more environmental, social and governance indicators in their corporate reporting. This requires the presentation of reliable information on how sustainability targets were or were not achieved, in accordance with international guidelines (GRI, IIRC, CDP).

For many organizations, reporting on sustainability performance is a challenge. It is not easy to know what to report, or how to report. Organizations must also make sure that their corporate reporting is accurate and precise.

Balanced view of sustainability performance

KPMG's sustainability assurance professionals can assure the accuracy of environmental, social and governance information in organizations' corporate reports. KPMG specialists issue an assurance statement to guarantee this.

Prior to this statement, we work closely with clients to support structure their reports, to ensure that the most important (material) topics are covered, and to make sure their reports are a balanced representation of their organization's sustainability performance. We follow a global standardized methodology for this.

In addition to issuing an assurance statement, we make recommendations for the future improvement - based on our own findings and the developments that we see in the market - because it is ultimately about improving performance, and not just about reporting.


For more information about our Sustainability Assurance services, please contact Danielle Landesz Campen, partner Sustainability.