With many organisations gaining momentum for their digital transformation, Identity & Access Management (IAM) is moving up the agenda. But a classic programme to set up IAM takes a lot of time, and that time is often not available. IAM is the foundation of many transformation projects, and that foundation needs to be in place to move forward.

Rapid response to IAM dilemmas

Powered Identity makes use of standard building blocks and pre-configured technology, enabling you to answer the following questions in a very short time:

  • Do I have sufficient visibility on the identities in my organisation?
  • Do my identities have the right access rights?
  • Is it safe to migrate my identities and access management to the cloud?
  • How can I align my strategy around logical access security with the current standard?
  • Does my IAM function meet the requirements and needs of the business?
  • Does my technical solution meet cloud security requirements?
  • Can my organisation continuously monitor security and risk indicators?

Standardisation of processes with IAM technology

Powered Identity is characterised by accelerated IAM transformation by KPMG professionals. Our approach is based on standardised IAM processes, supported by the latest IAM technology.

In the process, we use:

  • A predefined Target Operating Model (optimised workflows and process descriptions, authorisation roles and governance models, leading practices and clear reporting) based on our better practices for Identity & Access Governance;
  • The Powered Execution Suite, which ensures that our project management tools, approach and deliverables lead to a more predictable and faster trajectory with lower risk for a business and ERP transformation;
  • Our extensive experience (more than a decade) in executing IAM transformation projects, ensuring a flying start with pre-configured IAG technology aligned with the Target Operating Model;
  • A solid foundation for digital innovations. Powered Identity creates a solid foundation on which future IAM extensions can be further developed, such as role mining and predictive approvals, for example.

Reduction in cyber security risks

Deploying Powered Identity leads to your organisation having fast, measurable, and scalable results for IAM. We can get the basics right for you within four months. Subsequently, cyber security risks will decrease in quantity, while regulators will have verifiable and sustainable results.

Make an appointment with one of our Powered Identity specialists. We will provide clear explanations on how to further optimise your Identity & Access Management as part of your digital transformation.