Privacy laws and regulations are often perceived as complex and slowing down an organisation's progress. However, organisations that know how to deal with these regulations identify privacy as a distinguishing factor for their customers. Together with you, we undertake actions to make privacy an integral part of your current and future business processes and to deal responsibly with personal data. This allows you to discover trends, get to know customers better, develop new services and simultaneously comply with privacy regulations.

How privacy-mature is my organisation?

You focus on privacy within your organisation. However, is this sufficient for your customers? Society has become particularly demanding when it comes to handling personal data. A good privacy policy is, at the moment, a licence to operate. Your customers expect you to behave in a privacy-conscious manner. But what is that? How do you measure it, and how do you grow in maturity? We offer insight.

In our view, there are five levels at which an organisation can be privacy-mature. The ideal is for your organisation to grow to the fifth level, where the greatest opportunities for strengthening your reputation lie. You decide whether you really want this based on the investments required, assessed risks, and expected returns. Privacy maturity is not a natural process, but a conscious choice in which the necessary steps need to be taken. It should fit your organisation and environment.

What level fits your ambition?

Is your current maturity level appropriate, or does your ambition go beyond that? If the latter is the case, then it is time to determine what steps are needed to grow. We can guide you in this. For instance, we have identified best practices in many sectors that will give you practical insight into the range of possibilities.

KPMG also advises on tools that help you get a grip on privacy. For example, by gaining more insight into the personal data being processed, and by automating the management of privacy measures and supporting the workflow of employees in terms of privacy. This tooling in particular helps organisations to take big steps towards a higher maturity level with relatively little capacity.

How to increase employee privacy awareness?

Want to get the maximum return on your privacy policy investment? Then pay close attention to privacy-aware employees. They need to put your privacy policy into practice. Privacy awareness is therefore the crucial link between theory and practice. When it is in place, you avoid major privacy risks. But how do you increase privacy awareness? We help you with a five-step approach. 

Often, one employee or a small department is responsible for privacy policy. However, every employee has more or less of an impact on privacy, through their own role and responsibility. Therefore, a corporate culture is needed, in which everyone is aware of the importance of privacy and knows how to properly apply privacy rules in practice. This reduces the chances of (unconscious) human failure.