With technology becoming essential to meeting the needs of customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders, the cyber security of a company must exude both resilience and trust. How can you not only protect your business-critical assets and assure continuity after a cyber attack but also protect the data your stakeholders entrust to you?

Because there is no universal action plan for cyber security, protection strategies need to be embedded in governance models, operational processes and culture.

If you integrate cyber security into the structure of your organisation, you can protect crucial business assets and earn your stakeholders’ trust. Enabling you to maximise opportunities, remain resilient, adapt to fast-changing risks and regulations and transform more quickly.

KPMG Cyber Security offers a broad, business-oriented perspective on cyber services. While your organisational and technology programmes develop, we will help you maintain your information security agenda by offering a better understanding of the changing risks.

Security Testing

Identifies weak spots within your organisation and lets you know which measures are needed to become more resilient.

Resilience Testing

We test your resilience by means of an attack simulation: we conduct a targeted investigation into realistic scenarios that could leave your valuable data vulnerable to outside attack. We call this red teaming.

SAP Security Testing

SAP systems are robust all-rounders that last for years, sometimes decades. The flipside to that is that their security may not always be equal to the latest cyber threats.

Industrial Security Testing

From the latest IIoT applications to a more traditional ICS environment: our team specialises in testing the security of industrial production environments.

Cloud Security

Improve your company's security profile by going to the cloud.

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