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When individuals use technology devices, software and services without involving their IT organizations, that’s Shadow IT. In today’s digital world, large companies may face hundreds or even thousands of cloud-based apps which are used outside the ownership or control of IT. Companies want and need to take advantage of these new technologies. But with many successful attacks being on Shadow IT, the lack of visibility cannot be tolerated. You can only manage what you monitor. It’s time to take control of Shadow IT.

Risk Management by the Business

With KPMG’s solution, your business can get the best from cloud-based apps while staying secure and compliant. The solution automatically discovers and manages Shadow IT risk, by involving its direct users and minimizing the demand on your IT organization.

Through using KPMG’s solution your organization not only has the tools and oversight to manage Shadow IT effectively, but more importantly, it enables you to remain agile, and able to innovate rapidly – a requirement in today’s fast-changing digital landscape.

The solution runs on KPMG’s Digital Risk Platform, which is designed by KPMG and built and operated by Microsoft on their Azure cloud.

Digital Risk Platform: the benefits

Automation: risk processes carried out consistently and transparently

Integration: complete overview across organizational silos

Best practice: audit grade KPMG process

Technology: market-leading solution from Microsoft

Our solution in action

We have been helping a Fortune Top 10 company assess the risk associated with over 4,000 Shadow IT applications. They have been able to put in place practical controls to manage risks and stopped the use of 1,000 applications with a risk too high for the risk appetite of the company or with a risk mitigation effort that exceeded the business benefits of using the application.

More information

If you want to know how you can increase control over your risk management and lower overall cost using the Digital Risk Platform, please contact:Hans van der Geest, partner Assurance Services.