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Today’s IT operations are complex and constantly evolving. How do you optimize performance and risk management? We say: make IT operators the owners of risk. And give them state-of-the-art analytics to manage it. This way, issues are handled as soon as they happen, rather than being picked up in periodic audits. It’s a powerful new way to build resilience into your organization.

KPMG’s solution automates control monitoring for OT cyber controls by applying tried and trusted control analytics and fine-tunes them to your needs. Automated risk ratings prioritize the most important issues, freeing up staff time. And by agreeing windows for managing exceptions, you operationalize your risk appetite. Most importantly, your business gets ownership and visibility of IT risk.

KPMG’s solution comes with ready-to-use implementation packs for specific areas, such as SAP landscape security and IT security in operational environments (such as manufacturing and production sites).

The solution runs on KPMG’s Digital Risk Platform, which is designed by KPMG and built and operated by Microsoft on their Azure cloud. Standard interfaces are available to the relevant IT systems, such as SAP and ForeScout, to run the control analytics against the operational IT data.

Digital Risk Platform: the benefits

Automation: risk processes carried out consistently and transparently

Integration: complete overview across organizational silos

Best practice: audit grade KPMG process

Technology: market-leading solution from Microsoft

Our solution in action

We have been helping protect a Fortune Top 10 company against the risk presented by the convergence of operations technology and IT. With our solution, they have automated eight IT security controls and can directly monitor the IT security of 7,000 devices in over 100 production facilities. Engineering staff can directly manage their security risks.

More information

If you want to know how you can increase control over your risk management and lower overall cost using the Digital Risk Platform, please contact Hans van der Geest, partner Assurance Services.