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Organizations are investing heavily in digitizing their business processes, implementing robotics and upgrading their ERP systems. However, the related controls are often not included in these projects, meaning missed opportunities for both cost reduction and quality improvements. So it’s no surprise that in a recent KPMG survey, 72% of respondents identified control automation as a top priority. With our cloud solution, you can start to realize these opportunities right now. 

Focus on what matters most

Our solution eliminates the effort and inaccuracy of manual, spreadsheet-based systems for running controls and resolving variances and differences. Control exceptions are not only detected early: they are also risk-rated so the most important issues are prioritized for action. Automatically triggered workflows send exceptions to the right individuals in the organization, so they can be resolved more quickly.

KPMG’s solution comes with a library of control analytics for various processes (for example sales, purchase, finance, IT, tax and legal) that can be used to accelerate implementation. We help you move from fragmented, manual, reactive controls to more continuous, automated and proactive reviews, freeing up staff time.

With our solution, exception-handling now resides in a single location, providing centralized insights and creating useful functionality for everyone. With further control automation, the effectiveness of your control framework will improve and costs will come down.

Digital Risk Platform: the benefits

Automation: risk processes carried out consistently and transparently

Integration: complete overview across organizational silos

Best practice: audit grade KPMG process

Technology: market-leading solution from Microsoft

More information

If you want to know how you can increase control over your risk management and lower overall cost using the Digital Risk Platform, please contact Hans van der Geest, partner Assurance Services.