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Effective risk management is increasingly challenging for large international enterprises. To help corporations gain actionable insights, KPMG joined forces with Microsoft to develop the Digital Risk Platform. This is an end-to-end solution that helps you discover, prioritise and act on all relevant risks from across your organisation.

All businesses have to deal with the new risks that accompany digital transformation and an increasingly complex regulatory environment, but large international corporations face unique issues when it comes to managing these. They operate in many countries and in many different jurisdictions, which makes it nearly impossible to untangle all the different risks and to do something about these. Moreover, the complexity of their operations and enormous volumes of data and transactions make it even more challenging. 

KPMG’s Digital Risk Platform: increased control at lower cost

The Digital Risk Platform is KPMG’s response to these challenges. It brings real-time, integrated risk management directly to the people who need it most: operational management at the front-end of the business.

By painting a clearer picture of risk, the platform not only helps decision-makers to sharpen their focus on achieving the company’s business goals, it also boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management, while increasing assurance that controls are operating in the way they were designed to. All of which helps companies to be more agile while reducing compliance costs.

The Digital Risk Platform at a glance

With the know-how from KPMG and the solution is built, run and supported by Microsoft, the platform uses leading-edge discovery tools that channel risk-related data from across your organisation into a cloud-based application. You then get information that is more complete, because it has come from several different functions and organisational layers.

What the Digital Risk Platform gives you

  • Powerful analytics and automation: use data analytics to identify vulnerabilities and control weaknesses in your business processes.
  • Full transparency: identify high-risk (financial) transactions on an on-going basis.
  • Integrated and coherent data for a consistent risk picture: monitor data quality and keep an audit trail using a single, integrated data model across all your risk processes.
  • Aggregated insights: create insights into different operational and structural risk reviews by connecting IT systems and other GRC tools.
  • Intuitive technology: navigate intuitively through your integrated risk management model, seamlessly feeding risk and control activities into the company’s day-to-day business.
  • Shared knowledge: access and leverage successful practices and insights from industry data into your own risk management approach.
  • The best of KPMG’s risk management advisory experience, best-practice methodologies and technical expertise in a single audit-proof solution.

Continuous improvement

KPMG’s Digital Risk Platform is already used by large international enterprises in highly regulated industries, such as oil & gas and life sciences, to manage operational, compliance and cyber risks across up to 100 countries. Working with our community of clients, we are committed to continuously improving the platform. And because it is a managed service, the improvements we make are part and parcel of your subscription. These include new platform functionalities, as well as KPMG’s latest best practices, our risk-related industry information and benchmarking data.

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More information

If you want to know how you can increase control over your risk management and lower overall cost using the Digital Risk Platform, please contact: Tom Koehler, Head of Digital Risk Platform and/or Hans van der Geest, partner Assurance Services.