Increase ROI

As the number of current and historical innovation projects in organisations grows, it becomes more difficult to maintain an overview of projects and lessons learned. KPMG Innovation Factory keeps a collective memory of all these projects, ensuring no resources are spent on ideas that are similar to unsuccessful historical projects. Additionally, successful projects are shown on the Wall of Recognition. Learning from failures and successes drives a true culture of innovation. Learn how to get a grip on portfolio management.

  • Streamline the innovation process
  • Keep track of all project progress
  • Improve your decision-making for a high ROI

Increase the return-on-investments on projects

No organisation has access to an unlimited amount of resources. The integrated portfolio dashboard provides an overview of all current innovation projects and related project metrics as defined in the Innovation Funnel. The portfolio dashboard can be used by an assigned Stage-Gate Committee to determine the allocation of resources. Hence, the return-on-investment of projects is optimised.