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Innovation Factory's online platform enables organisations to collect and validate ideas from a large number of people. Use our tools to turn the best ones into high-value products and services.

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Build better businesses

It does not matter whether you are a small or a big organization; the world around you is constantly changing. Your organization must innovate to be better than your competition in these ever changing conditions. Streamlining diverse perspectives across borders and disciplines into collaborative thinking ensures the creation of ideas that will help your organization to stay on top.

Engage your employees

The Innovation Factory platform facilitates collaboration, structures the innovation process and measures the costs and benefits of each project. Participants can be grouped according to areas of interest and are encouraged through gamification to explore and contribute to different innovation challenges.

Tailor the software to your needs

Whatever your size, sector or innovation goal, our platform is designed to meet your needs thanks to 100% customisable tools plus optional components. From a one-off open innovation challenge for end-users, to an ongoing internal facility to drive an innovative mindset for employees across geographies, Innovation Factory covers it all.

How our clients use Innovation Factory

Client case: Royal Haskoning DHV

Royal Haskoning DHV is the project manager behind Mexico City’s new international airport and the 55-kilometre Hong Kong to Macau bridge. It specialises in finding innovative solutions. Thanks to Innovation Factory’s innovation funnel, the engineering multinational now has clear oversight of all of its ideas and can extract maximum value from them.

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Lennard Winters
Manager Innovation Factory

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Companies that innovate are ready to anticipate and tackle new challenges. The motivation to innovate either starts from within your business or your industrial environment and demands you to take the next step.

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