Today's digitisation and market fluctuations are throwing up many challenges for businesses: what will our company's future look like? Are our existing IT systems ready for the future, or do we need to move to different ones? Does the ERP system offer the required flexibility to respond to changes?

A few challenges within an ERP transformation:

  • How can you be sure the ERP system is providing the correct insights into business operations?
  • How can you avoid higher costs and a longer lead time for your transformation?
  • How can you ensure efficient business processes without too much customisation?
  • How can you make your IT landscape future-proof and create a solid foundation for digital innovations?
  • How can you make sure your employees embrace the change?

How can KPMG Powered Enterprise Microsoft help?

In order to deliver a successful, enduring ERP implementation or an ERP improvement pathway, it is essential that you get a reliable picture of what changes it will entail within your organisation. This is the heart of KPMG’s transformation approach, in which we use the Powered Enterprise methodology developed in-house, combined with the power of Microsoft Dynamics and taking the actual challenges of the organisational change into account. This implementation method increases the predictability of results, reduces risks and creates better insights when executing Microsoft transformation projects that revolve around quality and speed of implementation.

KPMG Powered Enterprise Microsoft is a results-oriented transformation solution that will help your company prepare for the future. In order to maximise the performance, efficiency and value of your processes, Powered Enterprise Microsoft combines in-depth industry and process knowledge with a preconfigured Microsoft Dynamics system, entirely in accordance with Powered leading practices. In addition, the standard Microsoft Dynamics solution is enriched with roles, reports and additional functionality.

The ways in which KPMG Powered Enterprise Microsoft sets itself apart include:

  • KPMG’s worldwide Microsoft footprint
    With more than 4,000 certified Microsoft professionals across 153 countries, KPMG has global capacity to implement Microsoft solutions. In addition, KPMG is a strategic partner of Microsoft.
  • Detailed description of the Target Operating Model (TOM)
    A pre-defined operating model based on our better practices in reporting, finance, processes, controls, etc. The Powered operating model incorporates optimised workflows and process descriptions, authorisation roles and governance models and consists of 17 different assets in total.
  • Preconfigured Microsoft Dynamics solution
    A configured and proven Microsoft Dynamics solution, tailored to the Target Operating Model, that will ensure a flying start. The following are integrated into this solution:
    • 350+ Powered controls;
    • 40+ Powered security roles;
    • 20+ additional Power BI reports;
    • 750+ task recordings for training and adoption of the solution;
    • localisation for multiple regions around the world.
  • Powered Execution Suite
    The Powered Execution Suite is a collection of deliverables, project management tools and approaches that can result in a more efficient and faster business transformation.
    Powered Enterprise Microsoft is your roadmap to improved performance and a demonstrable Return on Investment, and represents an excellent way of navigating to a new digital reality. 

Powered Enterprise Microsoft is your roadmap to improved performance and a demonstrable Return on Investment, and represents an excellent way of navigating to a new digital reality.


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