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Accelerating your functional and technological transformation

Many business leaders know what and where they want innovate, yet nearly two thirds of all transformations turn out to be unsuccessful; the end result is not as expected, the lead time is too long, functional transformation diverges from technological transformation, the end result is not ‘future-proof’.

Powered Enterprise stands for a transformation that starts from the end goal and in which functional transformation goes hand-in-hand with technological transformation – all underpinned by ‘Leading Practices’ in the areas of processes, roles and responsibilities and risks and controls.

Powered Enterprise consists of three elements

Powered Enterprise offers you three integrated elements for transformational success. With the help of our tried and tested business model, implementation suite of tools and ongoing evolution services, you can select the desired functional results and then achieve them.

Why Powered?

Successfully and efficiently transform processes

With the KPMG Powered Enterprise approach, we support you in answering different questions like:

  • What is your ambition, where do you want your company to be in five years’ time?
  • Is your Target Operating Model future proof?
  • What do we see happening and what do we advise in terms of your company structure?
  • How can you achieve better performance within your corporate functions?
  • How can you help employees embrace new working methods?
  • How can you ensure that business processes are future-proof?
  • How can you make sure that risks in business processes are effectively controlled
  • How can you make sure that Cloud technologies are used optimally?
  • And how can you make sure your transformation proceeds successfully?

In Powered Transformations, we start with the end goal: our future-proof Target Operating Model (TOM), tailor-made for your business. As a result, the many benefits of your business transformation can be achieved sooner and we are able to achieve a higher Return On Investment than in a traditional transformation.

Standard where possible, tailored where necessary

Because KPMG has worked out a standard Target Operating Model (TOM) for different business units (Finance, Procurement, HR, etc.) we will start your transformation not by validating your current situation but by evaluating your future situation, the ‘Leading Practice’. In recent years, KPMG has invested a lot in cataloguing the standard business processes that are performed in every company. We constantly update this standard in accordance with the leading practices we encounter in our global advisory work. By combining our knowledge and expertise, we have designed Powered Enterprise for Finance, Supply Chain, HR, Procurement, IT, Marketing, Sales & Services, etc. Choosing Powered Enterprise gives you direct access to KPMG’s intellectual property.

For every business function, besides an elaborated Target Operating model (which consists of the Service Delivery Model, processes, people, governance, performance insights & data), the optimum configuration of a supporting IT system has also been catalogued. For example, standard configurations, test scripts, interfaces, etc. By starting your business transformation with our Powered Enterprise Leading Practice, you can focus on the elements which are specific to your business. In this way, we deliver effective transformations for our clients, with a standard and (cost) efficient solution on one hand and a custom solution for specific and value-adding business processes on the other.

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