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“Our expertise lies in optimising processes with a focus on the internal and the external customer journey. We do so with the help of innovative technologies."

Process efficiency by means of new technologies

Businesses face the challenge of organising their processes as efficiently as possible. Moreover, the ‘new normal’ is for customers to want an efficient customer journey. Different trends are visible in solutions in terms of both technology and execution. KPMG supports companies in tackling these challenges by supporting them in choosing, implementing and further rolling out the appropriate solutions.

“Technology enables businesses to be competitive in terms of customer experience and the cost of services."

Our services

Our objective is to give customers the best possible support in solving these challenges. The Digital Process Excellence team advises and supports firms in maintaining cost efficiency and looking at processes from the perspective of the customer journey and achieving improvements in those processes. We do so with the help of improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking and Intelligent Automation.*

The fact that Intelligent Automation is having a significant impact on contemporary operational management is beyond dispute. As an executive at a medium-sized bank in Amsterdam attests:

“Robots were a breakthrough in improving processes and securing cost savings. We were too small to outsource work and now we are simply skipping that phase." (FD, September 2017)

More and more companies are recognising the need to follow this trend in order to remain competitive in the market. There has been a noticeable shift in recent years, with businesses making increased use of Intelligent Automation as a serious solution for optimising processes and improving the customer journey.

“58% of managers interviewed said they had initiated a form of automation. Of those, 38% said they were in the pilot phase, 12% that they were implementing (10-50 processes) and 8% that they were automating more than 50 processes. That is twice as many as in 2018." (Harvard Business Review, December 2019)

Paving the way for you

KPMG has extensive experience in advising on and implementing Intelligent Automation and has already supported a large number of businesses in achieving process optimisations and more efficient customer experiences. For example, the two firms described below have experienced the benefits of Intelligent Automation.

KPMG assisted one client with the complete rollout and implementation of RPA. As a result of a large-scale emergency, a one-off intervention was required immediately in order to keep operations going. By keeping the robots working non-stop, they were able to absorb a huge peak load, saving more than 1000 hours.

KPMG supported this client in implementing RPA and optimising the entire back-office. With the help of iBPMS, KPMG also brought together processes and related data across applications worldwide throughout the organisation. As a result, employees were able to focus on value-added activities, processes were speeded up by 75%, operational costs were drastically reduced, visibility in processes was increased and new opportunities were identified.

Process optimization with the right technology

Would you like to know more about how your back office processes can be improved by using the right technology in the right way? Download the brochure for more information.

Our team

Process optimisations are like a complex puzzle in which the different solutions and technologies offered by the Digital Process Excellence team are the pieces. Multiple pieces can go in the same places, but depending on the organisation, not every piece will fit equally well. The Digital Process Excellence team helps to combine the best pieces together and so deliver the optimal result. Thanks to a combination of experts in Lean, IT and Low-code software, we are not only able to give you sound advice, we can also be your implementation partner who supports you from plan to go-live.

*In essence, Intelligent Automation is a bundling of upcoming new technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Process Mining and iBPMS, that combines the complete redesign of processes focused on customer experience and efficiency with other technologies. It is a discipline of process improvement and new technologies that supports employees by eliminating repetitive and routine actions and it is capable of drastically improving the customer experience by simplifying contact moments and speeding up the process.

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