How can you assure security when the speed with which you get products or services to the market is crucial? How do you remain protected when you have decentralised teams developing new technology around existing infrastructure?

With KPMG’s help, you can protect your essential assets and enable your digital transformation.

At KPMG, we see cyber security as inextricably bound up with organisational and technological transformation. We will work with you at every step of the process. We will help you with the transition from a reactive to a proactive posture, so that cyber security becomes part and parcel of your daily work activities.

We know that by taking the same scrupulous approach to launching new or improved processes, we can align your organisation with new technologies. In this way, successful platforms can be developed in order to achieve your cyber security objectives.

KPMG Cyber Security will guide you through large and complex cyber initiatives and help you develop successful cyber programmes that will drastically improve security and promote your cyber agenda.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Managing access to online resources is the foundation for solid cyber security. Thanks to close partnerships with leading IAM suppliers, KPMG is able to help firms understand and manage internal and external users in order to facilitate their activities and limit risks.

Cyber Maturity Roadmap & Delivery

How vulnerable is your business? Are you doing enough to limit cyber risks? KPMG's step-by-step plan offers practical tools to make your business more resilient.


Koos Wolters

Partner, Cyber Governance and Risk
KPMG Nederland
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