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The maturity of cyber security is high on the agenda for many businesses. Because a professional cyber security approach gives you an edge in your market – for instance, in the form of increased customer trust, or greater continuity of your services. With our Cyber Maturity Assessment, you get a fast and easy-to-understand appraisal of the quality of your security.

The fact that cyber security is important to the success of a business is beyond doubt. But do you actually know what your security level is? And whether you are complying with the relevant legislation and regulations? And whether your security efforts are focused on your most valuable assets and components? You can obtain the answers to all these questions with the Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA). This solution consists of an assessment and a roadmap with a practical step-by-step plan. Together, they offer you a complete solution: from a clear picture of your vulnerabilities to concrete advice about remedial actions.

Cyber Maturity Assessment and Roadmap

The basis for this solution is an online assessment, developed from international information security standards and combined with our expertise and best practices. Alongside technical aspects, the assessment covers such areas as human behaviour, leadership and governance.

We then benchmark your data against data from comparable firms. An easy-to-read dashboard shows you the scores and maturity level of each business unit. In addition, for each domain, such as governance or risk management, you get a roadmap complete with an action plan and change objectives, including concrete actions and deliverables, an estimate of the lead time, out-of-pocket expenses and required resources. This will help you set focus points and make targeted investments in cyber security.

The benefits to you

  • Valuable information about the quality of your cyber security, fast.
  • Benchmark data about the security level at comparable companies.
  • Periodic assessments of your business as a whole and/or per location.
  • Insight into the required investment in your cyber security.

Know more?

If you would like more information about our services, please contact Michiel van Veen, Director Cyber Technology.

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