A CISO who provides assistance on set days of the week or month.

Like many other companies, your business may not have a CISO because you do not need to act on cyber matters every day. Nevertheless, your company’s cyber security issues may be of such a nature that a CISO would be the right person to resolve them. Securing the most important IT systems, privacy issues when implementing a new HR package, outsourcing IT infrastructure, handling stolen data, choosing secure encryption, promoting cyber security awareness in the organisation – all issues a CISO can advise on and provide solutions to.

Because you want to be sure you are bringing in the right expertise for issues like these and you want to gain a better picture of the cyber resilience of your organisation, but you do not have questions like these every day, KPMG is launching CISO as a Service.

CISO as a Service: get help to resolve your cyber issues together

KPMG's CISO as a Service is a CISO who works for you in-house, providing assistance on set days of the week or month, with you deciding what level of support you want. Which is good for you, because their knowledge and expertise and practical examples of how other companies tackle these kinds of issues will really help you. And if incidents do occur, he or she will be right there at your side. You will have a single point of contact, in other words a single CISO, but naturally they will also have the full weight of KPMG behind them so that they can call in specific expertise and you can be sure all your issues will always be resolved.

The benefits of CISO as a Service

  • Your information security systems will be in order and the CISO can advise the business on identifying the most important priorities.
  • You will be prepared for ever more refined attack techniques from hackers.
  • The CISO as a Service is cost-effective because a full-time role is not required and you pay only for what you use.
  • The CISO advises management on designing cyber security processes, risk management and reports.
  • You are assured of all the specialist knowledge and experience that will be needed now and in the future.

The perfect starting point: the right strategy

You can bring a CISO as a Service on board at any time and be sure they will be up to speed immediately. However, many firms choose to initially utilise a CISO as a Service to develop a strategic plan and a roadmap in the area of information security. A smart move, because it lays a solid foundation for good security.

We train and coach your employees

The CISO as a Service is not just a specialist in the field of information security. He or she can also be used as a trainer and coach for the security specialists you already have and the relevant stakeholders (e.g. CxO, IT staff), in order to increase your employees’ awareness and skills in terms of information security.

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