In this fast-changing world, every business faces challenges. One step in the wrong direction can have a significant impact on business performance and corporate value. KPMG's integrated team of specialists will support you in difficult times.

Everything about improving your liquidity position and operational performance during a turnaround

In order to overcome operational and financial challenges and improve performance, you need to quickly stabilise your cash and liquidity positions and obtain a realistic picture of your current options. It is always a challenge for business leaders to stabilise a company that is underperforming by identifying opportunities for strategic, operational, organisational and financial changes and implementing them.

Our integrated team of specialists will help you focus on the most important issues with regard to the critical stages of change management:

  • Option identification: How can I evaluate my options quickly and effectively
  • Stabilisation: How can I stabilise the business and evaluate its financial position
  • Transformation strategy: What are the financial returns of the various options?
  • Execution: How do I ensure full delivery of the turnaround plan?
  • Value realisation: What risks and costs are associated with each pathway, including disaster planning?

From a challenging situation to recovery in eight steps

The Action Plan below provides a clear structure for how the challenging situation your company finds itself in can be addressed, with the support of our team of specialists. As such, the plan offers something to hold onto in a situation in which you have a lot to deal with.

KPMG restructuring 8 stappen model

Direct assistance with restructuring issues

Whichever challenge your business is facing, our services are aimed at giving you the best possible support. Depending on your wishes, that support may consist of the following services:

  • Turnaround suppot

Objective: making a loss-making and cash flow negative operation profitable and cash flow positive

  • Financial restructuring support

Objective: modifying the capital structure as a platform for operational and financial recovery, in consultation with all the involved stakeholders

  • Liquidity management

Objective: improving the liquidity position of the company by means of insight into and grip on/control of short-term cash flows

  • Independent Business Review (IBR)

Objective: reaching an independent judgement with regard to the business by mapping out the situation (financial, operational and/or strategic) and outlining the available options for the stakeholders involved

  • Financial Quick Scan

Objective: assessing the overall position of the business in terms of assets, performance and/or cash flows

  • WHOA (statutory creditor arrangement) support

Objective: drawing up a legal plan with regard to changes to the capital and operational structure that enjoys the support of the business and sufficient creditors

  • Insolvency support

Objective: retaining as much control and value as possible if an insolvency process is inevitable 

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