On 1 September 2021, Luuk Versluis (42) will be joining the consultancy team of KPMG Healthcare. Luuk will become a partner in the healthcare consultancy practice, where he will advise customers on strategic matters and support them in the further transformation of the healthcare landscape. Together with Karin Vernooij and Arno de Vries, Versluis will focus primarily on strengthening and expanding services in specialist medical care.

After completing his studies in law and economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Luuk Versluis spent five years working as a consultant for The Boston Consulting Group. After that, he occupied various management roles at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital and the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam. He then started applying the knowledge and experience gained in areas such as value-driven healthcare, healthcare logistics, process optimisation and regional collaborations to the IG&H healthcare practice. There he jointly led the healthcare and strategy team, focusing in particular on healthcare providers.

KPMG is enthusiastic about Versluis’s arrival. "We are pleased that we can continue to invest in our healthcare consultancy practice in these challenging times", says Arjan Ogink, partner at KPMG and Head of Healthcare. Ogink: “Luuk will contribute highly valuable experience. He knows consultancy, healthcare practice and the interface between the two. He has already been the source of impactful changes many times. Particularly at a stage in which we are moving towards a future-proof healthcare landscape, his input therefore offers great added value."


For more information: Jolanda Peek, 06-52327513 or peek.jolanda@kpmg.nl