KPMG and Team DSM are to extend the sponsorship deal they signed in 2018. KPMG is helping Team DSM to become a data-driven organisation in order to further optimise the performance of the Dutch cycling team. The accountancy and consultancy firm is providing Team DSM with detailed insights based on data analyses to support the development of new methods and decision-making in the cycling team. The new contract with Team DSM starts in October 2021 and will run for two years.

In the next Tour de France, Team DSM will benefit from new insights to support performance in, for example, bunch sprints and time trials. Data analyses will also generate insights to improve tactical race plans for the Team DSM cyclists. This will help not only during the Tour but also when structuring training sessions ahead of the race, for example. Knowledge acquired about all kinds of physical characteristics will also be used for talent development in the longer term.

The partnership between KPMG and Team DSM has resulted in the construction of a data platform that provides the foundation for analysing the large volumes of data gathered. This data is obtained from sensors on the bikes or on the cyclists themselves. KPMG data scientists help analyse the information. The analyses give Team DSM more and better information to base decisions on in terms of physical condition, the development of both male and female cyclists, the course of the race, nutrition, training programmes and the best approach to sprints, mountain stages, etc.

From gut feelings to decision-making based on facts

“Thinking ahead and using new insights when developing improvement plans means continually adjusting our way of working. That's not just a question of employing the right technology. It calls for adjustments to the organisation and a cultural change. Support staff such as trainers, nutritional experts and biomechanical specialists learn to apply the insights obtained from data analyses better and better to their daily decision-making. This is made much easier now that data is also available on mobile phones thanks to the apps built by KPMG. An organisation that is able to continually anticipate progress is always open to new insights and technology. At the same time, those new insights need to be incorporated into our daily operation in a logical way. A so-called high-performance environment is crucial to securing competitive advantage. We are very pleased with the way in which KPMG is helping us in this transition, in which a combination of knowledge in the areas of digitisation and data analyses is making the difference", says Narelle Neumann, Head of Science at Team DSM.

“We are very proud to be able to demonstrate the value that data analyses offer for improving cyclist performance to Team DSM. Factual real-time insights offer both support staff and cyclists greater confidence that they are taking the correct decisions. Along with millions of Dutch people, we look forward to fantastic Team DSM results next summer”, concludes Paul Adriani, Head of Sport analytics and Senior Manager Digital at KPMG.

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