KPMG NV appoints Stephanie Hottenhuis as new Chair | KPMG Netherlands
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KPMG NV appoints Stephanie Hottenhuis as new Chair of the Board of Management

KPMG NV appoints Stephanie Hottenhuis as new Chair

KPMG NV has appointed Stephanie Hottenhuis (53) as the Chair of its Board of Management. "Ms. Hottenhuis has more than 20 years of experience in the management of organizations in the professional services sector and is universally lauded for her social focus and unifying leadership style," says Bernard Wientjes, chairman of the KPMG NV Supervisory Board. Ms. Hottenhuis will take up her new position on August 15.


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Stephanie Hottenhuis

For the past six years, Stephanie Hottenhuis has been a member of the Executive Board of Arcadis, where she was responsible for various regions, the acquisition and integration of major business units, as well as for the company's global accounts. Prior to this, she held various international management positions at Arcadis, headed the Europe region (excl The Netherlands) and was CEO of Arcadis in Germany. 

Leadership in digital transformation

Bernard Wientjes, chairman of the KPMG NV Supervisory Board, explains why the company has chosen Stephanie Hottenhuis: "KPMG is currently rolling out a strategic program that will give an additional boost to value creation for clients and stakeholders. This requires considerable leadership and strategic acumen. In the course of her career, Stephanie Hottenhuis has proven she can successfully complete large-scale strategic projects, including projects on fronts such as client focus, increasing sustainability and digitalization. Ms. Hottenhuis is highly valued for her social focus and unifying leadership style. The Supervisory Board is grateful to Rob Fijneman and the other members of the BoM for their excellent work in leading KPMG in the past half year."

At the heart of social developments

Stephanie Hottenhuis reacts: "Taking the helm at KPMG in the Netherlands is an incredible honor. The company plays a strongly relevant role in making the economy more sustainable and in creating prosperity in our society. From providing certainty about financial information to designing tomorrow's digital economy, KPMG is at the heart of these developments. These major themes inspire and motivate me to step into the role."

A gain for the organization

Rob Fijneman, interim CEO says: "As a team, we are extremely pleased with the appointment of Stephanie Hottenhuis. She brings a rich array of experiences and insights that will add value to our organization. Our first meetings immediately revealed that she is an excellent fit with our people and we look forward to working together to create the KPMG of the future ."

For more information please contact Willem Bonekamp, spokesperson KPMG, +31 20 656 85 27.

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