The European Commission wanted to help boost the transition towards a circular economy among small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as part of its commitment to transition the EU to a circular economy, outlined in its Circular Economy Package.*

KPMG in the Netherlands worked with 28 EU organizations that support SMEs to help them provide better advice on how to adopt circular business principles. KPMG specialists created materials and delivered training to build these organizations' knowledge, improve their understanding of the challenges SMEs face, and develop their circular economy support programs.

KPMG professionals supported a group of European SMEs that provide innovative solutions to help other businesses become more circular, e.g. waste minimization and recycling solutions. Their support included technical advice to help the SMEs refine their solutions and business plans, and promotional support via a dedicated website and an EU conference.

KPMG analysts advised several EU regional governments and agencies on how to encourage SMEs in their regions to adopt circular business models. They provided each government/agency with a comprehensive policy brief based on desk research and stakeholder engagement.

With the support of KPMG, the program reached over 800,000 SMEs, according to estimates by the European Commission. Access further information.

For more information, please contact:

Arnoud Walrecht, KPMG in the Netherlands.