3 questions to Ank van Wylick | KPMG Netherlands
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3 questions to Ank van Wylick

3 questions to Ank van Wylick

Ank van Wylick answers three questions about Innovation


Partner Advisory, FinTech lead

KPMG Nederland


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Ank van Wylick

What do you see as the most important challenges that your clients are facing?

“Clients need to work on continuous improvement of the current business while simultaneously working on development of new business models. It can be challenging to deploy resources to both ends of the spectrum. Organisations have started working on proof of concepts for innovation. Scaling up to production is the real topic now.”

What do you regard as the defining competences of KPMG in this domain?

“KPMG is well positioned in scaling up. In this phase different capabilities ranging from innovation, digital transformation, regulation and more need to be aligned. Clients value to have access to all these capabilities to drive execution of innovation. Realising innovation at larger scales is important these days. An example is our work with AkzoNobel. They were already working on Open Innovation. They felt however the need to accelerate open innovation with start-ups. We have started to work in full partnership with them on an initiative “Imagine Chemistry” where we invited start-ups, students and scientists to help us solve real-life chemistry challenges from AkzoNobel’s business. From over 200 submissions, 20 teams were invited to the finals at the Deventer Research Center in the Netherlands to further develop and assess their ideas. AkzoNobel is now working with some of them to bring these ideas to market. In this case we blended our capabilities of working with start-ups and running innovation Challenges with theirs- and that on a global scale. We are proud that this collaboration is branded as ‘Powered by KPMG’.”

In which sector do you see the most urgent need for innovation and what can your team contribute to that need?

“Most sectors are innovating. It’s now time to scale up and speed up. Innovation is especially needed where there are unmet needs. In the health sector we see a lot of health tech initiatives. But I don’t experience this well enough while walking through an average hospital. The same goes for the financial services sector where the FinTech sector is booming. Banks have changed quite substantially already, but there is still a lot to do - also in keeping up to the growing expectations of mobile customers. Our team helps to accelerate innovation by using lean start-up and agile approaches. We support our clients in such a way that their innovation capabilities improve. We don’t take over. We run projects together. In this fast changing world innovation needs to become a core capability for most organisations if they want to stay relevant.”

Ank has more than 20 years of experience with a focus on business transformations triggered by innovation. As an Innovation Advisory partner & FinTech lead at KPMG Netherlands she supports organizations in their ambition to build their innovation capability and BE innovative.

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