Energy transition is no longer a topic which is specific to energy companies only. Consumers themselves are also seeking ways to become 100% sustainable in the energy products and services they use and are considering the use of decentralized alternative technologies and solutions to adequately address the low-carbon emission challenge. This is also the case for a growing number of global corporations who want to be part of and indeed control and/or accelerate, their own energy transition. This trend is reshaping how energy markets will function in the future.

The energy companies will invariably have to adapt, as new players will enter the market – especially where there is convergence between sectors, as can be observed in the electric mobility market. As KPMG, we are supporting our clients – both corporates and governments – to carefully navigate through these dynamic market conditions. We actively support our clients in areas of  strategy, implementation, technology, audit & assurance and deal advisory, but with an added sector-focused approach.

Based on our conversations with clients, we highlight a few key themes or trends relevant in the marketplace:

  • Further consolidation of the B2B and B2C markets
  • Introduction of additional services
  • Increased e-mobility
  • Roll-out of Smart & Micro Grids
  • Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Expansion of renewables & storage
  • Re-evaluation of conventional energy sources
  • Decommissioning of offshore assets in NL
  • Cost reduction and investments
  • Investments in hydrogen

More information

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