Hardwin Spenkelink | KPMG | NL
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Hardwin Spenkelink

Senior consultant

KPMG in the Netherlands

“How will your organization keep up with innovation and reap the full benefits that Blockchain technology has to offer?”

I have been involved in the blockchain space since 2013 and truly believe that blockchain technology will have a significant impact on the business models of our clients. This radical new innovation will change the way we work, make processes more efficient, reduce fraud and enable society to take back control in the ever expanding digital world.

Hardwin joined KPMG in 2014. After his graduation on the topic of cryptocurrencies he started working at KPMG Financial Services and kept being very active in the blockchain space. Last year he joined the newly formed global KPMG Distributed Ledger Services team where he has taken a role in developing the core technical blockchain skills at KPMG. Hardwin has been involved in building several blockchain Proof-of-Concepts for the Healthcare, Pensions and Financial Services industry. He is the author of the blockchain maturity model, enabling clients to get a grip on the IT risks involved in implementing a blockchain solution.

Blockchain, DLT, Cryptocurrencies, IT Advisory, IT Audit & Assurance

Education and qualifications

  • VU University Amsterdam EMITA IT Auditing 20015 – 2017

  • University of Twente MSc Industrial Engineering and Management (Track: IT) 2012 - 2014

  • University of Twente Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management 2007 - 2013

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