Dennis Baanvinger

Audit Tooling Lead, Digital Assurance & Innovation

KPMG in the Netherlands

Dennis is responsible for Audit Tooling within the Digital Assurance & Innovation department. He drives digitizing the audit practice by using data analysis and innovative new solutions. He has a background as an external auditor and over 20 years of (audit)experience in the ICT sector. Prior to joining the management team of Digital Assurance & Innovation in the spring of 2017, he worked for the international innovation and development center of KPMG in the US for four years. In his current role, he translates his knowledge and network of Audit Tools & Technology to efficiency, effectiveness and additional insights.

Furthermore, Dennis is the primary lead within KPMG the Netherlands for Standard Business Reporting service to clients and the lead for Trusted Society: which challenges exist in the current digital society and how can digital assurance help us to face these challenges?

Areas of expertise

SBR / XBRL, Audit Innovation, Audit Technology, Digital Assurance, Trusted Society