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Diversity & Inclusion

Together we succeed!

At KPMG, we put the concept of diversity into a broader framework. It's not just about male and female colleagues. It's about the best combination of individual talent in successful teams, in the right place. It's about working together and broadening our perspective. It's a sum total that delivers innovative solutions to our clients' issues and offers them a somewhat different perspective.

Diversity and inclusiveness cannot be achieved simply by talking about it. For this reason, KPMG is constantly developing initiatives in these areas. We are also active in various programmes that fit in with both themes.

Inclusiveness is key
We strive for a culture of inclusiveness at KPMG. Within our organisation, everyone – regardless of cultural or ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion or occupational impairment – must have a place to get the best out of themselves.

What we do
To this end, the Diversity & Inclusion Network has been established. You can also participate in various 'diversity awareness' training sessions throughout the year. But that is not all. Below you will find further examples of how we work together at KPMG to promote diversity and inclusiveness:

Women's Network
This international network is designed to keep the subject of gender diversity on KPMG's agenda

Cultural Diversity Network
Like the Women's Network, the Cultural Diversity Network focuses on recruitment and retention and on increasing promotion opportunities. Through training courses in the field of culture and diversity awareness, we want to involve our professionals in this.

KPMG Pride
KPMG welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) talent! The active KPMG Pride network, consisting of LGBT and straight employees, commits itself to ensuring LGBT employees a logical place within KPMG. In addition to organizing events, KPMG Pride collaborates with other departments to enhance acceptance and awareness with respect to LGBT colleagues, and offers individual support and coaching to employees who contemplate coming out at work. KPMG Pride is warmly supported by the Board of
Directors. KPMG is a member of Workplace Pride, the international platform for LGBT inclusion at work, and as such, participates in a greater network of local and international organizations pursuing similar colorful goals.

Two-way Career Mentoring
In 2016 KPMG launched a diversity task force. One of its first initiatives is Two-way Career Mentoring, in which female professionals and senior partners coach each other.

New Parents Programme
KPMG considers it essential that KPMG employees feel good about themselves – for themselves, for their families and for colleagues. That is why KPMG gives top priority to vitality and personal energy management. As part of this, we have launched our New Parents Programme, which is aimed at all KPMG staff members with young children. It focuses on combining parenthood with an ambitious career. The programme helps participants enhance their personal effectiveness.

Cooperation with the Agora Foundation
Agora is a network organisation geared towards organising meetings, empowerment events, CEO breakfast sessions and mentoring programmes with the aim of promoting the recruitment and advancement of multicultural talent within the participating organisations in the network. With their events and empowerment sessions, they attract professionals with 'roots from all corners of the globe'. In this way, they ensure connection and awareness among the various professionals and organisations on this theme and add value to their programmes. In 2016 KPMG hosted two Agora events; 'Communicating with Impact' and the annual 'Road to the Top' conference.

Participation in the ECHO Mentoring Programme
Together with the ECHO Foundation, KPMG is working in a mentoring programme for Dutch students with a non-western background. Our professionals coach them and exchange experiences and perspectives in a reciprocal relationship. This is based on the idea that diverse teams are more innovative and on the importance that is attached to managing diversity. Every year a new group of KPMG professionals start as coaches in this programme.

Work experience and internships for people with an occupational disability
KPMG has set itself the goal of annually increasing the number of jobs for professionals with a functional impairment or occupational disability. The underlying aim is respond to the needs of these professionals while leveraging their knowledge and value for the entire organisation. If you are chronically ill, live with a disorder or handicap, the labour market can be quite a challenge. KPMG is actively involved in this.

Do you have any questions about diversity and inclusiveness at KPMG? Or would you like to know more about these topics? Please contact Frédérique Reijnierse. We will be happy to tell you more!

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