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Programming knowledge into smart software

Programming knowledge into smart software

Len Debets: “We have a great mission: we solve customers’ problems using technology.”

Programming knowledge into smart software

Len Debets is a Manager at Smart Tech Solutions. A department that uses smart software solutions and data to provide companies with up-to-date insight into their performance, opportunities and threats. "We have a great mission: to solve customers’ problems through technology.”

Turning knowledge into software
"At Smart Tech Solutions, we program the knowledge and experience of KPMG consultants into software. These tools can be used by the consultants themselves, but also by the customers. This allows our consultants to focus on adding value for our customers and relieves them of the need to engage in repetitive work. By using super-smart technology, companies in the Netherlands - as well as in other countries - can improve their performance thanks to Smart Tech Solutions.”

A real pioneering role
"Technology is all around us. But implementing it in our culture and in our daily work processes is quite a  challenge. Therefore, together with our customers, we look at how we can get this on the agenda, so that they can achieve their goals better or faster. We too, are increasingly applying technology in our processes and services. Think of data science or artificial intelligence. We are also a role model. Leading by example, you could say. After all, we are a large company that visits many other (large) companies. That's why we can have a lot of impact.”

Creating our own Siri
"Nine months ago, I came up with the idea of developing a virtual assistant for businesses. A kind of Alexa or Siri for managers. How could we use artificial intelligence and smart methods to make predictions based on data? How could we use such a virtual assistant in a work environment? It is useful for a manager to gain more insight into the vast amount of the company's data? How much sales did I do last week? Or what about my customer satisfaction? I think in a few years' time we'll just be talking to our smartphone to get the insights we need to run a business. It started three quarters of a year ago with an idea on paper. Now it is a concrete product that a team of developers is building, and we are collaborating with two customers to build a prototype. A great example of development." 

Collaborating with innovative partners such as Google and Microsoft
"You can't change the world on your own. So, we are looking for partners to work with. Often start-ups, but we also work together with Google and Microsoft. This creates a synergy that inspires us enormously. We employ a lot of young people, there is an enormous drive to get things done. Software solutions and platforms are being built and we are working on digital transformation. Everyone is eager to learn. We want to develop all kinds of things including ourselves.”

Your own development
"If you have a goal within KPMG and you really want to achieve something, no one will stop you. At KPMG, there is an enormous amount of room for professional development. There is a wide range of training courses. Internal and external. And so many possibilities to grow personally by working together and choosing projects close to your heart." 

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