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Build a Digital Risk Platform

Build a Digital Risk Platform

Olga Kulikova discusses building a Digital Risk Platform: “One company uses thousands of Shadow IT services without knowing.”

Build a Digital Risk Platform

Olga Kulikova and her team are developing new solutions within Cyber Security. "Our customers know us from our reports and workshops about cyber security. What we also offer are ready-made solutions: we build software that can be implemented immediately."

Digital Risk Platform
"For several years now, we have been developing the Digital Risk Platform within KPMG Cyber Security. DRP is software that provides customers with all the information about the cyber risks they are (or may be) running at one location. We give them a single view on risk. As Chief Information Security Officer, you don't have to consult various programs or departments. Just log in to our platform and you'll find all the information you need to better manage your risks."

Shadow IT
"This is an issue for almost every company. Businesses are becoming increasingly complex. Companies and their employees are making more frequent use of software. This is often software that is not authorised by the company. That's what we call Shadow IT. Companies, often, without knowing it, use hundreds, or even thousands, of Shadow IT services. Services in which employees often store confidential data. Using Dropbox, for example, can expose companies to the risk of leaking confidential data such as employee personal data."

My responsibility
"I am product owner of a module within the Digital Risk Platform: The Shadow IT module. The term 'product owner' comes from scrum. Together with a team of developers, we create turnkey solutions to address the specific risks of Shadow IT services. I am responsible for formulating the functionalities which form the basis on which our developers will build."

Minimising risks
Through the platform, Shadow IT services are identified, registered, risk assessed, and appropriate control measures are determined. Based on the outcome, companies can make adjustments and minimise their risk. The platform ensures that a company is in constant control."

Positive feedback
"We started development in spring last year and went live with the first customer in September. We have now identified and reviewed thousands of Shadow IT services. We received positive feedback. Without the DRP and our help, it would certainly not have been possible to tackle these risks."

Future in technology
"I believe the future of KPMG lies in technology. We are a trusted advisor in many areas, now we also provide smart, ready-made solutions to problems. What we do is new, challenging and very instructive. Our idea to present 'a single view on risk' is rarely seen. I notice that I am growing enormously, professionally and personally. I work with super-smart colleagues, both inside and outside my team. The culture is open,  personal and much more informal than I ever expected. I have been working here for six years nowand have not regretted a single minute."

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