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Big data = improved healthcare

Reveal the secret behind improved healthcare

Partner KPMG Health, David Ikkersheim, reveals the secret behind improved healthcare.

Partner KPMG Health, David Ikkersheim, reveals the secret behind improved healthcare.

Can you improve healthcare by making optimal use of the data that is already there? That is possible and can be done successfully. Vektis and KPMG work closely together to continuously and sustainably improve healthcare and keep it affordable. David Ikkersheim, Partner at KPMG, talks more about the collaboration.

From declaration to information
"Healthcare is one of the largest items of expenditure in the Netherlands. It amounts to some EUR 80 billion annually. Not so long ago, the data generated through the accounts of health insurers was only used to settle finances. But it can be used for so much more. Vektis uploads all the declaration data into a transparent  database, from which we gain insights. A lot of software was already in place. We made queries and started to investigate how we could analyse the data. The solution was to compare apples with apples: different populations or regions had to be compared. Case-mix control so to speak. If we see large differences in the data, we will place a sharp focus on this. With the insights we gain we can improve healthcare. Simply said, we are executing a huge big dataoperation. Sometimes complex, but sometimes just very straightforward."

Less over-treatment
"Take the throat, nose and ear case, where we looked at the number of tonsils that were removed per region. We saw a lot of variations in the decisions of whether or not to operate. We presented this data to ear, nose and throat doctors and waited to see whether they could explain the variations using their own data. Sometimes they could, but often they could not, which led to adjustments in treatment protocols. They are now looking more critically at whether an operation is really necessary. And sometimes over-treatment is prevented. That is positive for the patients. Alternatively, if there is under-treatment, our work could also lead to more operations. The aim is to improve the value of patient care, which we achieved through data analysis."

Knowledge and skills
"Our department focuses on healthcare. We make a societal impact with data analytics. By tightening up treatment protocols, but also by helping to redesign a healthcare path, by helping health insurers to procure differently or by contributing to new policy documents of the Ministry. It gives satisfaction to work with customers who are passionate about improving healthcare. You work in an enthusiastic team and you can really learn a lot here. Partly because there is a whole new problem to deal with every three to six months. Then you go through the entire cycle from problem to solution again.


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