KPMG Ethics Line - Make a Report

How to make a report

Reporting Channels

Whistleblowers contact the KPMG Ethics Line via any of the following:

1. Telephone

  • MTN: 0703 000 0026, 0703 000 0027
  • Airtel: 0708 060 1222, 0808 822 8888
  • 9Mobile: 0809 993 6366
  • Glo: 0705 889 0140

2. Email:

3. Post:

KPMG Ethics Line

KPMG Tower

Bishop Aboyade Cole Street

Victoria Island, Lagos.

4. Weblink: Click HERE to access our weblink.


Details to Provide When Reporting

Whistleblowers are encouraged to provide full details in respect of the violation. Such details should include:

  • Nature of the incident
  • People involved
  • Dates of incident and when it was observed
  • Place of occurrence
  • How the incident occurred
  • Monetary value (where applicable)
  • Any other useful information


What to Expect After Reporting

After making a report via telephone or email, the whistleblower is provided with a unique reference number for easy of identification during subsequent interactions with KPMG Ethics Line concerning the reported complaint.

Where the complaint is raised via e-mail and weblink, KPMG Ethics Line will communicate the client’s feedback as soon as it receives one.

KPMG Ethics Line cannot contact whistleblowers who make complaints via telephone as we have no access to whistleblowers numbers. Therefore, such whistleblowers are expected to call the KPMG Ethics Line to obtain feedback on their complaints.


Why People do not report or blow the whistle?

Fear of victimisation: People are often discouraged about reporting misconduct in organization because they fear for their jobs and possibly their lives. The fear of being exposed as the whistleblower who reported an issue discourages people from coming forward to make reports. Therefore, an effective whistleblowing mechanism will ensure that the identity of a whistleblower is protected.

Prevalence of the misconduct: Regular occurrence of a misconduct tends to give stakeholders the impression that misconduct is permissible in the organization. Hence, there is a need for a whistleblowing service that will constantly create awareness to the stakeholders of the organization on the necessity to report all misconduct, irrespective of the prevalence of such misconduct.

Processes for reporting (or the lack thereof): An inadequate reporting system or lack thereof discourages stakeholders from coming forward to report issues and incidents. Thus, the need for an independent whistleblowing service that:

  • Enables stakeholders report issues and incidents in a timely and easy manner whilst protecting their identities.
  • Ensures that reported incidents and issues are brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities in a timely fashion.

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