Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


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Building a great board – ACI Pulse survey

To better understand the tools and approaches that directors are using to achieve the right mix of skills, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in the boardroom—what works, what doesn’t, and what might get in the way—we surveyed more than 2,300 directors and senior executives in 46 countries around the world. We also explored these issues through interviews with board members and business leaders from six countries for the latest edition of Global Boardroom Insights from KPMG’sAudit Committee Institutes.

Emerging trends in remuneration practices

Developing a better understanding of cost optimization, while repositioning for future opportunities, has become a strategic imperative for HR/Reward practitioners. Remuneration is one of the areas businesses are exploring to reduce cost. There is therefore a renewed trend towards making revisions to certain HR/Reward policies and practices that unduly expose companies to escalating costs, in a bid to ensure sustainability.

KPMG 2016 Global CEO Outlook

In 2017, corporate performance will still require the essentials - managing key risks, innovating and capitalising on newopportunities, and executing on strategy. But the context is changing quickly - and pehaps profoundly - as advances in technology, business model distruption, heightened expectations of investors and other stakeholders, and global volatility and political shifts challenge companies and their boards to rethink strategy development and execution, and what it means to be a corporate leader.

Driving Corporate Culture from the Top

Businesses are operating in a climate of volatility and uncertainty resulting from a broad range of factors, from Brexit and the U.S. presidential election to the unprecedented pace of technological change, disruption, geopolitical risk, and slow economic growth. In such an environment, cultivating a strong corporate culture from the top level all the way down through the organisation is key. It is a topic high on the agenda of business leaders and regulators.

2017 CFO outlook survey

The KPMG Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Forum is a platform for discussing issues of common interest to CFOs and creating an avenue for CFOs to interact as a group with relevant governmentregulators and policy makers. The Annual CFO Outlook Survey is one of our levers for achieving this objective. 

The Nigerian economy has been adversely affected by external shocks, in particular, a fall in the global price of crude oil, compounded by theover-reliance on crude sales as the main source of foreign exchange earnings in a highly import-dependent economy.

As we look for nascent signs of an economic recovery, we sought the views of CFOs on the outlook for their businesses in 2017, their current strategies for cost and risk management and what they believe the priorities of government should be for the creation of an enabling environment.

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