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When can I apply for Graduate hire?

Application for graduate hire is open on a year round basis.

My credentials are not complete, can I still apply?

No. You cannot apply without a complete credentials. See our eligibility for graduate hire page for more information.

How important is my degree qualification to my application?

Very important. You must have our minimum requirements before you are considered.

What is the minimum age to apply for graduate hire?

Candidates below 26 years of age are eligible to apply for the graduate hire position.

Who will have the information supplied on my application policy?

The information on your application will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will only be shared with interested parties involve in the recruitment process. You can also view our privacy policy.

Is there a specific time frame during of recruitment process?

No. Our application process are thorough and are based solely on the availability of the role.

How many stages will I have to go through before I complete my recruitment process?

Pending on your application you will undergo several stages before you are hired as a graduate. See our selection criteria page.

If unsuccessful at one stage, are there other opportunities for me?

No. Once you become unsuccessful in one stage, you cannot go further in our recruitment process. However, if after 3 years of intensive work experience, you are eligible to reapply.

What is the working hours within the firm?

Working hours within the firm are between 8:00am to 5:00pm Mondays to Friday. Also note that we observe every federal holiday as specified by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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