KPMG Experienced Hire Program

KPMG Experienced Hire Program

At KPMG Nigeria, we appreciate the new ideas and perspective of experienced hires which we find valuable to us

At KPMG Nigeria, we appreciate the new ideas and perspective of experienced hires...

Introduction to KPMG Experienced Hire Program

KPMG in the Nigeria is a leading provider of professional services, including audit, tax and advisory specialisms - delivering integrated solutions to our clients’ issues.

At KPMG Nigeria, we appreciate the new ideas and perspective of experienced hires which we find valuable to us- to join our existing team of competent staff. Whatever industry experiences you have as long as the experiences translates to our core businesses, we would be happy to have you join our team and you can expect to make a difference from day one.

You will find your experience both rewarding and challenging, so if you’re looking for a place to develop your career, this is a journey you’ll want partake in.

Requirement for Eligibility

  • A minimum of three (3) years relevant work experience.
  • A minimum of five (5) O’level credit in one sitting (including English and Mathematics).
  • Must be below 36 years. (This is subject to candidates’ years of experience)
  • Must have a minimum of second class upper (2.1) in any course of study. (For law graduates, must obtain 2.1 in first degree and law school)

When and How to Apply

Our experienced hire recruitment process is open-ended, we are constantly sourcing for fresh talents to add to our existing pool of talented employees.

Please click here to see if you meet our eligibility criteria and to apply.

Only successful candidates will be shortlisted.

Selection Criteria

Our experienced hires must undergo a Situational Judgment Test (SJT) after been successfully shortlisted in the recruitment process. The aim is to assess how you approach and respond to situations encountered in the work place.

Successful candidates at SJT will be shortlisted for an interview. There will be a minimum of two (2) interviews at this stage.

After successful completion of the above stages, you would be offered a position based on the division of your first choice subject to availability in that division


Question: How do I know my application is successful?
Answer: We would contact you to let you know if your application was successful and the next step in the recruitment process.

Question: How do I prepare for an SJT test?
Answer: Please note that there are no right or wrong answers, we expect you to answer as truthfully and honestly as possible.

Question: If I don’t hear back from KPMG after my application what should I do?
Answer: If you meet our requirements and you don’t hear back from KPMG after 2 weeks of submitting application please call our contact number in the contact section of the website.

Question: How long would my application take from the time of submission to receiving an offer?
Answer: There are no speculated time frame from submission of application to receiving an offer. This is subject to unit of choice upon application and other factors. We guarantee to make an offer in the quickest possible time following your success at all stages of the recruitment process.

Question: What if I don’t meet some or all the requirements for eligibility in the application process?
Answer: Sorry, you must meet all our requirements to be eligible to apply.

Question: What if I get dropped at any stage of the recruitment process, how soon can I reapply?
Answer: Please note that you cannot reapply once you are out of any of the recruitment stage. The process is once in a life time so it is important to be fully prepared at any stage of the recruitment to guarantee a successful application.