Our Services

Our Services

Discover the audit services KPMG Mozambique offers .

Discover the audit services KPMG Mozambique offers .

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Our Audit practice offers the following services:



KPMG’s audit approach is based on a consistent methodology developed to comply with International Standards on Auditing. It is built on the basis of core principles relating to professional integrity, independence and ethical behavior with which all partners and staff must comply. It is enhanced by an established set of supervision, review and consultation standards. 

Our audit teams use KPMG’s proprietary computer-assisted audit technologies and have online access to the latest international standards and accounting research. These systems and procedures are all designed to help our audit teams focus on the issuesthat impact audit judgments and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit.Our skilled and qualified professionals work in collaboration with client executives, Boards of Directors, regulators and academics to understand the changing business environment.


KPMG’s audit professionals provide attestation services that are designed to help clients address specific issues. These include prospective reporting and other forms of attestation.

Prospective reporting: We assist clients with the development or reporting of financial information based on assumptionsabout events that may occur in the future and possible actions by an entity presented as part of a process to obtain financing. Clients may sometimes prepare prospective financial information in a context where there is a regulatory requirement for the information to be reported on by an independent, external firm. Where appropriate, KPMG provides relevant reports on the prospective financial information in accordance with applicable reporting requirements. Services are conducted in accordance with International Standards on Audit Engagements.

Other forms of attestation: We assist clients in many possiblesettings where non-financial attestation is appropriate. We assist clients to issue reports on examinations, reviews or agreed-upon procedures. These services cover many needs for attestation that are outside of the financial statement audit requirements.They respond to business needs of clients to obtain independent assurance on the reliability or validity of information related to a product, service or activity.

Our professionals conduct these services in accordance with the International audit engagements standards.