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Goods and Services Tax Services


The Goods and Services Tax ("GST") in Malaysia is administered by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department ("RMCD")

The Goods and Services Tax ("GST") in Malaysia is administered by the...

Post-GST Implementation Services

Effective management of indirect taxes in Malaysia has become increasingly important over the years, especially since the implementation of GST on 1 April 2015. With the Malaysian Government declaring that GST is a contributing factor to the stability of the Malaysian economy, it is clear that GST is an important source of revenue for the country and we can expect that the Government will place more emphasis on GST in the years to come. 

From businesses’ standpoint, the challenge of keeping updated with the latest GST developments and managing the GST risks within the business remains a significant one. 

At KPMG, we have an established group of professionals whose technical knowledge and experience in all aspects of the GST legislation and practical procedures can assist you to manage your GST needs and requirements. Our services include:

Review of GST-03 Returns
We can assist you to perform either a pre-submission or post-submission review of your GST-03 Return to identify and manage your GST risks more effectively. 

GST Health Checks
GST is a complex indirect tax system with numerous rules and regulations to comply with. KPMG can assist you to perform a GST health check covering multiple taxable periods to assess your organization’s compliance level with the current GST legislative requirements.  This process can be further enhanced using KPMG’s proprietary technology tool i.e. the Tax Intelligence Solution, an indirect tax analytical tool that allows us to analyze the data within your ERP system from a GST perspective.

GST Advisory
KPMG can provide GST advice on specific business transactions that you may be contemplating where there are likely GST implications to your business. We are also able to assist you in liaising with the tax authorities on GST matters you may be facing (including making written applications, applying for GST advance rulings and assistance with appeals to the GST tribunal).

GST Refund
If you are in a GST refund position, you may be requested by the RMCD to submit additional information for the purposes of processing the refund (this is also known as a GST refundable / verification audit).  KPMG can assist you to liaise with the RMCD on the additional information requested as well as to expedite the refund process, where possible.

Please do feel free to contact us if you require any further information on the above.

On a separate note, GST issues do often affect your organization in various ways and may also give rise to Customs and
Trade issues. Should you have any concerns in the area of Customs and Trade, kindly click here to find out how KPMG can assist you.

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