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Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Services

We are a member firm of the KPMG’s Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice.

We are a member firm of the KPMG’s Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice...

GMS practice brings together a wealth of tax, technology, immigration and mobile administration services to help make managing your companies’ global workforce easier, safer and far more efficient.

Whether your companies are considering expansion or relocation to a new location, an acquisition or more streamlined processes to manage your existing workforce, our practice can support you.

The scale and scope of our knowledge spans the world, with our diverse, experienced teams working closely to provide personal service on a global scale.

How we add value

  • We assist your companies and employees manage the tax and immigration compliance matters which impact their employment in Malaysia.
  • We also advise companies on domestic and international tax laws affecting local and cross border employment arrangements, including equity based components and the issues facing frequent business travelers.
  • We provide global advice through our network of 3,600 KPMG's GMS professionals located worldwide in over 140 countries. 


  • You want to outsource your employee-related tax compliance and immigration matters (for e.g. the annual personal tax returns, the calculation of the monthly tax deductions and the application of work permits). This would allow your HR managers to focus on high-level strategic human resources responsibilities.
  • You are growing and expanding into new markets and have a growing number of frequent travelers or are considering deploying senior management to new locations.
  • You are looking into the possibilities of cross-border employment arrangements and would like to identify tax efficient ways of structuring these arrangements.
  • You may have unrecorded tax liabilities arising from miscommunication or misalignment among financial, tax and HR teams in different jurisdictions.

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