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Every single second, retail companies are collecting invaluable data from transactions with their customers. Customer loyalty programs provides solid data platforms which enables retail companies to gather and store large volumes and a variety of data – such as purchase transactions history, products mix, promotion redeemed, payment methods and their sentiment on social media. These allow retail companies to obtain a holistic view of their customers’ behaviours and capitalise this as a competitive advantage.

By using INSIGHTS 360, an innovative tech-enabled data & analytics solution, retail companies can effectively store and analyse their customers’ data to keep pace with the constant evolvement of the retail industry. Managing a network of stores, our INSIGHTS 360 can be used to provide insights and guidance to help you expand your retail business.

Our INSIGHTS 360 ingests your organisation’s transactions, stores, employees and customers’ data and blends them with public and geospatial data then analyses it to deliver actionable business insights at your fingertips using the following dashboards:

  • Market basket analysis
  • Promotion analysis
  • Products menu analysis
  • Calendar analysis
  • Customers segmentation analysis
  • Social media analytics

In the retail business where customer demands are constantly changing and new competitions can impose real threats to the business, ability to make decisions based on real-time data can empower you to lead the market and disrupt your competitors. You are the disruptor and we are your champion. 

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