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Datathon Challenge

Datathon Challenge

KPMG x CPA Australia

Datathon Challenge 2020

As organisations evolve to be more tech-driven and fast-paced, data and analytics are going to play an increasingly important role in business.

Take the mystery out of data. Transform data into valuable business insights.

Do you have what it takes to be a tech-enabled business consultant?


At KPMG Data and Analytics unit, we live with a clear purpose to connect business and technology.

The world of business is changing, and it is moving faster every day. To keep up, leaders need to make major decisions more quickly, more accurately and driven by more data than ever before.

With all that information to identify, collect and filter, the pace of these decisions has begun to overtake the human ability to make them. In KPMG, we live to help clients to meet that challenge.

If you have astonishing analytical skills and the drive to blend technology to solve real business challenge, then this Datathon Challenge is what you need!

This is your chance to showcase your Data and Analytics skills!

Top 6 participants will be shortlist for a final competition and winners stand to win cash prizes, trophies and a fast-track job application with KPMG.


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