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Financial Statement Audit

Financial Statement Audit

Our Financial Statement Audit approach is based on an understanding of our clients' business processes, goals, and strategies.

Our Financial Statement Audit approach is based on an understanding of our...

This enables us to identify and assess the risks that impact their business and achievement of goals. 

We tailor our audit quality to your needs. Through continual assessment, our audit procedures remain robust and in line with the latest requirements.

How we add value

  • We provide statutory and non statutory audits.
  • Guiding clients through the financial reporting regime by gathering and evaluating financial information that will assist the clients in making decisions and identifying business risks.
  • We help clients to comply with the specific reporting requirements such as, limited and quarterly reviews; and agreed upon procedures engaged when required.
  • Our auditors deliver efficiency and effectiveness through the risk-based KPMG Audit Manual (KAM) approach.
  • We provide gap analysis, conversion services and performance improvement suggestions where appropriate and relevant.


  • You need an independent opinion on your financial statements by a qualified firm.
  • You are on an audit rotation policy and may be mandated to change external auditor in the near future.

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