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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Advantages RPA can bring to your business?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a continuum of innovative technologies used to automate processes and operations traditionally done by humans – and it is rapidly transforming our lives. For most businesses, it promises huge gains, including lower costs, better market insight and an improved customer experience. An estimated 100 million global knowledge workers will be impacted by automation by the year 2025 .

With return on investment in robotic technologies of between 600% and 800% , it is little wonder that more than 55% of global corporations are currently exploring new automation opportunities . As a result, many organizations are already using basic RPA to carry out simple, rule-based tasks to make themselves more productive.

At KPMG, we can help you build an effective technology strategy and identify the areas you need to transform. Our professionals support organizations pick the right providers and partners and have the right governance to get the most out of RPA technology. 

Your RPA Journey
KPMG helps companies achieve long term value by defining the implementation strategy, customizing and deploying the automation tools and setting up a center of excellence for development and management. 


Reap the benefits of RPA

From the business adaption transit to complete maturity of automation in the business, there are pertinent potential benefits of RPA to be reaped:  


RPA Thought Leadership


  • Rise of the Robots: A paper exploring the impact of robotic and cognitive automation on the future of global capital markets and financial services, and looking at the factors firms should consider before implementing a robotic process automation (RPA) strategy.
  • Embracing the Cognitive Era: Cognitive software mimics human activities, and when combined with advanced automation, these systems can be trained to execute judgment-intensive tasks.
  • Capitalizing on Robotics: This thought leadership discusses how organizations can best position themselves to capitalize on the savings achievable through RPA.
  • Accelerating Automation: This paper provides a pragmatic approach for organizations looking to embark on their automation journey with focus on the first 100 days.