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e-Procurement Services with Coupa

How well do you know your Spend?

e-Procurement Services with Coupa

Procurement can offer both challenges and opportunities. Manual procurement processes, lengthy management approvals, reconciliations, and payment cycles, and a general lack of integration with other business processes and systems can create inefficiencies and high transaction costs.

Save cost

Coupa's Source-to-Pay (S2P) solution aims at improving procurement processes and efficiency as well as provide a better spend visibility.

As a leading implementer of procurement technology solutions, KPMG has worked closely with Coupa to draw upon their extensive industry knowledge and deep domain experience to help clients develop a sustainable competitive advantage in the procurement space. KPMG's approach delivers tangible benefits focused on targeted procurement improvements as well as broader procurement transformations. Our finance background enables us to assess tax considerations and implications for procurement spend.

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Value as a service

KPMG - Coupa Combine Strategic Value

KPMG and Coupa provide clients with leading services for the process design and implementation of Cloud-based Source-to-Pay (S2P) solution. Areas include procurement, invoicing, expenses, sourcing, supplier information management, inventory, contracts, and analytics. Working closely together, we help clients think methodologically and execute smoothly on their journey to transform the procurement function. Together, KPMG and Coupa can help increase process efficiencies while reducing costs.


Benefits of Coupa Software

Coupa's cloud-based Source-to-Pay solution is designed to give organizations visibility and control over all the ways spend happens in the organization - procurement, expenses, and accounts payable. Only Coupa provides a true cloud based Source-to-Pay application that enabies customers to quickly realize significant savings.

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Download the KPMG Coupa Factsheet here

Thought Leadership

Smarter Spend Management

The paper discusses how KPMG and Coupa can help you manage your spend by implementing cloud based procurement solution.

Thought Leadership